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Keybord Repair Replacement

Is your laptop keyboard has broken or damaged? If it is true, then approach a highly trusted and recognized keyboard repair/replacement service provider without any delay


Laptop Data Recovery

Failure of Hard disk drive, server, or RAID array can lead to loss of data stored in your laptop or computer as this can stop your ongoing work which may lead to lot of issues of your laptop and business loss.


Laptop Hard Disk Repair

Many times, low hard disk quality can lead to bad tracks as moist of the problems are produced when hard disk is not used properly. But, you don’t need to worry anymore if there are a problem occurring in your hard disk


Laptop Overheating Service

Laptop can heat up because of dust buildup on the fans which can trap heat another problem can be the silicone paste used to transfer heat from the CPU and GPU tends to dry up after a few years. Reduce the heat in your laptop to prevent damage from overheating. Constant exposure to heat can cause permanent damage to your laptop and needs early fixing


Onsite Laptop Repair

Lap Technology Provides Onsite Laptop Repairing Services for Home and Offices.


Applications Running Slowly

When applications slow down or hang, it could be due to any number of causes. But the most common relates to processing power and memory.


Repair Broken Hinges of a Laptop Screen

1.Drill Holes and Refit Bushings.

2. Put the metal bushing back to its place and screw it with a small nut from the bottom side of the laptop 

3.Assembling the laptop